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10 things you should NOT say to a Real Estate Agent

Real Estate Agents are in the business of selling or leasing houses or condos.

Just like you, if you are a business person, they run their businesses to make money to live on and provide for their staff, operating expenses and families.

They should not be confused with charities!

When you wish to engage a Real Estate Agent, it’s worth recalling that Agents do not determine prices of houses or condos in the property market, they interpret them–and are doing this every day of the week, often over many years. They know what will sell or lease, and what will not. They know the price a home will sell for–and what it will not.

The same as a restaurateur or a doctor or a car mechanic will know his or her business well.

So, we put together a list of the top 10 things you should NOT say to a Real Estate Agent in Chang Mai if you want him/her to do his/her best for you; enjoy:

1.I am not looking to sell to a Thai person! – So you want to eliminate 99% of your potential purchasers?

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-1

2.I do not care if my house/condo takes a year or two to sell! – Well we do, we only get paid if we sell.

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-4

3.I might be lucky and my prince charming comes along and pays my dream price! – Isn’t prince charming a figment of imagination?

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-5

4.I do not need to sell but if someone will over pay for my house/condo I will – Will you willingly overpay for a house/condo?

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-6

5.My house is different! = Strange, but we get this one a lot. The last house we saw and the one before that, and before that, was too!

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-7

6.I spent $X on X so it that adds value = Here’s an idea why don’t you try selling X on E Bay and see what it’s really worth?

7.Yes, but my property is in the best location – Best location for what?

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-9

8.My neighbour’s auntie’s friend who lives in Bangkok said my house is cheap – So, they are the property experts now. Maybe we should hire them as brokers?

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-10

9.My house is cheap compared to similar ones in Singapore, Hong Kong, London –  Maybe we can move it to one of these locations?

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-11

10.The Thai Baht has dropped so I need to increase my asking price! = So will you lower your price when the Baht strengthens?

10 things not to say to your realestate agent-2Let’s us hear your thoughts on this. Please feel free to add your thoughts below in the comment section. Do you think we are right or do you think some of the points here are valid for the owners?

We love hearing from you!



  1. Bill

    on said  

    Thanks for this great post. I am not a broker but I was in the midst of buying a property once when the owner pulled out of the deal. As there was a change in the currency rates. I was really angry. I could not take him to court as it was only on a hand shake.
    So I can understand how anoying it can be for realestate agents to hear some of this.

  2. pam deller

    on said  

    Yes I ,too, was once an estate agent and so many of the above are true . The ones that really got me were those with an over-priced property which wasn’t selling and the vendors complained that we “weren’t trying !! Good high blood pressure material. Perhaps something like the above [ your senarios ] should be printed on the back of advertising flyers

    • Perfect Homes (Chiang Mai Properties)

      on said  

      Hi Pam, I am sure these problems are universal and not just linked to the Chiang Mai property market that is for sure.
      Any particular tale that you would like to tell? Obviously not naming names.


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